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“The truth is born in argument” -- I like that, thanks!

Your suggestion that the vaccines are similar to covid outbreaks is interesting, and countries that have high pre-vaccination covid deaths do seem to have lower covid deaths after their vaccination campaigns, suggesting that the more vulnerable had already passed, leaving a healthier population and lower mortality from the vaccines, while low-covid-death countries have much higher deaths post vaccination.

Many countries with low pre-vax covid deaths have very high deaths post vax, which suggests that they had high levels of natural immunity, which was bypassed by the vax.

In the US, we see higher excess mortality in both 2020 and 2021, which could be due to covid in 2020 and vaccines in 2021, but perhaps our overall health i poor, and the at-risk population increases rapidly with age, plus stress from lockdowns and ongoing fear-porn propaganda.

It seems like we need to look at age cohorts to really make sense of all this, because each cohort has different immune response to covid and to the vax. For those with ineffective adaptive immunity, the vax can be safer than infection, because it is self limited, whereas the infection will rage on and has a higher risk of death. Interesting paper on this at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33221383/

Hard to see how to tie this all together... But it does look like the vax is a disaster in high-natural-immunity countries.

I wonder if seasonality is a factor? Do vaccination campaigns during the "off" season have lower deaths/injuries than during an active infection?

Does the period make a difference, so that we have to look at vaxxed 6 months out, 12 months out? Or is there a way to just capture death/injuries up to 14 days past 2nd jab, or 5 weeks if just one jab? Obviously more difficult with boosters...

What about looking at overall mortality, instead of just covid-attributed deaths?

Anyway, just thinking about all this... Maybe it will spark some ideas you can explore. It would be nice to have better data!

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Great point, will add the excess mortality to the article now, just forgot to insert. BUT, it's paltry. 4 out of 10 countries report it! As to the seasonality, most had seasonality on their side.

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Note the CDC is reporting a covid injection fatality rate of 0.0022% or 22 deaths per million covid doses administered. This fatality rate is averaged over the complete warp speed rollout. However if one takes a snapshot look at the data it is currently higher than this but fluctuates from week to week however the overall covid injection fatality rate averaged out over the last 10-11 months is steadily increasing.

Also it is important to note that the covid injection fatality rate according to official adverse reaction reporting systems varies quite a bit and so one has to ask why?! Demographics? Different covid injections? Flawed official reporting systems? What?!

Also if one looks at the current world mortality rate it is on target to be normal enough and makes one wonder where are all the excess global 4.9m covid deaths (roughly 2.5m per annum) that have been reported?! By contrast it is easier to see how a more conservative estimate of the covid injection deaths might be more easily lost in the annual world deaths. We must be careful to avoid falling into the phantom death trap of overestimating and over reporting any covid injection deaths. Always best to err on the ultra conservative side and to use the official data. The number of covid injection deaths reported to official public health reporting systems is high enough as it is. The Truth always comes out in the end. Where exactly is there an excess of 4.9m covid deaths in the overall world deaths for 2020 and 2021?

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As long as the data are truthfully reported. Are they? Not in the least! If they really wanted to know what was/is happening, they would be collecting and reporting totally different stats that would allow to see what is going on. Instead, everything is done to obfuscate and hide the truth. And those few exceptional reporters/institutions that do reveal some of what is going on, are usually the left-overs from good ole times and are being dealt with as we speak. The truth often comes out too late for those involved. Alas.

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What choice do we all have but to use the opaque less transparent official data? And of course wait for information leaks and also credible and courageous whistleblowers to come forth. There’s more than enough information in the official data to know that something is seriously off with the reported covid deaths and that there is something seriously up with the covid injection injuries and deaths. Officialdom is only ready to pounce on those who make guesstimates and then they go try to tar everyone raising questions outside officialdom with the same brush.

You are absolutely right and justified to ask questions and do some critical thinking and analyses. And if only there were more people like you trying to reveal the truth. Just avoid falling into a data trap. It’s easy to do and requires constant vigilance.

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Thanks, will heed your advise!

We have to try and see the forest for the trees, past smoke and mirrors, and sleights of hand. Not always possible as much is hidden beyond reconstruction, but they have missed a lot as well, so we still have enough evidence, if we apply ourselves. Just need to get off the track they want us to be on, and go cross-country.

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Hi Andreas, l assume you have looked at other analysts charting deaths in relation to vaccine rollouts. If you haven't, and if others are intererested here are some others I've been following. I don't follow or use any forms of social media but l do browse Twitter feeds.

https://mobile.twitter.com/OS51388957 lots of interesting graphs in the last few weeks



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Great, thanks! If I find anything related to this article, I will update it with your tips. Else, keep it for future reference. This team work is priceless!

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“Columbia study: True U.S. COVID vaccine death count is 400,000”


“COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk”

October 2021


Project: Risk benefit analyses of COVID vaccination stratified by age


Spiro Pantazatos at Columbia University

Herve Seligmann


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I discovered an official data source for Australian excess deaths: https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/provisional-mortality-statistics/latest-release

This is of interest because excess deaths in Australia rose at the same time as vaccinations.

My interesting finding is that even though excess deaths rose during this period (there was little COVID in country), the different disease breakdowns showed lower than normal deaths during that period. Wouldn't thrombotic events show up on the Ischemic heart disease chart? Perhaps the excess deaths aren't vaccine injuries!

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That is interesting. It looks like the excess deaths are more in the cancer and diabetes categories. Cancer could be because of delayed early detection from the lockdowns? Mind you, there have also been some theorizations that cancer cases are suddenly appearing, and it could be linked to some mechanism of the vaccines?


Diabetes though... That makes me think of an article on Alex Berenson's substack:


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Davos it is. Do you know that the Swiss pay for the security for those meeting out of the sate budget? Haven't helped the Swiss ppl though as they are pressured to vaxx same as in every Western country. Biting the hand that feeds them and protects them. WEF-wef-wef!

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