As my husband said yesterday, it is difficult for them to see the cause through all those stacks of money.

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....and bodies.

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Very droll. However, most of those quacks don't get much extra.

I am astounded at how politically Left many quacks are.

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Maybe not in NSW? I've read somewhere that a family physician gets a bonus of 40k USD for fully-jabbing 100 children, and 80k for 200+. The catch is that 63% of his/her/its "parish" need to be fully jabbed. Maybe 80k is peanuts to you, but some doctors still perceive it as an incentive.

Already factchecked - must be true! https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2020/12/fact-check-blue-cross-blue-shield-does-not-pay-doctors-a-bonus-only-for-number-of-children-vaccinateden.html

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Assuming an average pediatrician has 2000 patients, and half of them are 2 years old, the bonus will jump to 400k ($400 per patient, if 63% of the patients are FULLY jabbed.) The incentives are paid by insurance companies, since a fully jabbed child is a patient for life.

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Yes. I knew a paediatrician who spoke, pontificated and wrote like a left-winger but claimed to be conservative. And the stupid shit he wrote. One small example, out of nowhere he would message me with puerile bits of shallow takes like "Is Donald Trump the greatest peacetime murderer?"


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Self-labeling means nothing. Actions matter.

And many of the Left, being liars, "maskuerade as conservatives; and some work in conservative political offices.

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double agents

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I don't want such willfully stupid doctors anywhere near me. I won't allow it. The last time I went to a MD for any reason was 2002. I have every intention to extend that for another 20 years, God willing

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If the largest column in a set of accounting books is "miscellaneous", you're doing it wrong...

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Just like mufflers. Baffled.

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Oct 24, 2022·edited Oct 24, 2022

Baffled. Muzzled. Puzzled.

The normalisation of such medical nihilism is the scariest part of this Clown World Episode*.

Talk about the banality of evil! It is like the entire medical profession has had a mass lobotomy.

We thought the lowest low was poisoning people with Remdesivir then exploding their lungs with ventilators, way way back in the darkest days of the Plandemonium. To drive fear for some Black Hats' Agenda and profits for the hospital administrators - to sate their rapacious greed. They set the perverse incentives and they got the results they wanted.

But this. This listless NPC-shrug for everything. For the wave of unprecedented calamity washing on our shores daily. Everything except for 1 thing.

Grieving Human 1: Could the jab hav...?


GH1: What could it be?

NPC-MD: Couldn't imagine. But definitely NOT the jab! There were trials!

Applied to everything. The whole tragic smorgasbord. From births - and before - to turbo-cancers in old age. And everything in between. Blood. Milk. Cascading risk.

And it isn't just passive. A poster/commenter recently recounted their parent (Father, IIRC). Cancer from nowhere, temporally related to jab#1. Toward the end a twofer of flu&C19 booster on the same day, while going through the cancer 'treatment' regimen. Battle lost shortly after. To no surprise. Hospital and insurance policy followed. Just following orders.

Talk about banality.

The cognitive shock in those early days, from the Wuhan Faceplant Crisis Actors to the 24/7/365 fear p0rn, it did something to people. Something probably permanent for many. Reached in through the TV or radio, bypassed reason and thinking and evolution, and gripped the reptilian stem. And it triggered the most powerful but limited aspect of the human brain. And turned people into puppets. Fear Puppets. What role have environmental toxins played? Conditioning through the education system? Poisons in food?

We didn't get here by accident. The Devil's hands have been busy for a century+.

Now it is like the majority can't critically analyse anything anymore. Can only repeat what they have been programmed with. React with anger if they sense a threat to their narrative. Maybe it was always thus. I don't know. Perhaps the modern facade of reason and rationality was stripped away by these events.

The delta is stark for medicine. Highly trained (some would say conditioned by Rockefeller-Medicine), and yet unable to see what is slapping them in the face, daily. What perverse incentives have locked in such willful ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence? Perhaps we could ask ACIP?

For a challenge: Name a single Plandemonium Policy that was not anti-human in some way, which was designed for human flourishing NOT human suffering/sacrifice.

I'll wait.


*-Since 2020 a terrible series, definitely NOT recommended viewing.

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Good comment, Andreas. The only thing I might hedge is the 100 years. Now reading Lobaczewski's book, 'Political Ponerology', and based on other research ... psychopathy, pathological narcissism, and machiavellian opportunism have been with us since before we emerged as a species. Just a grim guess, but perhaps the seeds of our self-destruction are built into our collective gene pool.

Despite it all, cheers.

— steve

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C'mon people, it's coinciditis!

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Covfefe ...

on a more serious note ... worth listening ...


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Good article, thanks.

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I am not questioning McCullough...but - 5G also came online during this period. I hope, for the sake of getting to the bottom of this crime, all avenues are being investigated.

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25,000 per million is a one in forty occurrence.

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I should hurry slow!

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I think it was your subliminal mind saying, “there is no way they made something this toxic, no one is this incompetent to let this continue...” 😉

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Those doctors aren't doing themselves any favors by appearing so stupid.

Do they really think this will help their "image"?

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Yes... baffled. This is a travesty. What will it take??!!

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At least 200 are no longer baffled - since they are happy on the other side; knowing the truth now.

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Better to ditch these “baffled” doctors and find one with clear sight.

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Don't say her name...Harmacide....


Maxxine, why do you treat me so bad?

Maxxine, worst thing I ever had.

Running all around with everyone in town.

I don't want you hanging round I don't wanna be your clown, Maxxine...


Maxxine , why do you darken my door?

Maxxine, don't wanna see you no more.

Causing me harm. Ring the alarm.

In disCognition you're the grand magician Maxxine....


Maxxine, why do you treat me so mean?

Maxxine, worst thing I ever seen.

Got to let you go. Don't wanna be your beaux...

You're burning gasoline on the whole world's dreams.

Don't want you inside. Well I have to run and hide Maxxine.

Song above is Maxxine by

Grasshopper Kaplan.

Words and music by and (c) GhAk 2022

Hear it in utoob link in KGRaS...


From a comment by Michel choussedovsky

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Thank you for sharing this data.

Those quoted stats are a bit misleading though.

The previous figure was for athlete deaths in 2015, whereas the figures from Dr McCullough are for rates of Myocarditis, not deaths.

The Myocarditis rates have risen over 6,000 times the normal rate, but that's not the same as deaths.


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