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With respect, you missed two other points:

1. Deny, ignore and suppress safe, effective and affordable medications - without such suppression they had no excuse to vaccinate people. This is the key to prove there is an agenda

2. No early treatment.

3. Ignored their own studies and advisories on how to contain and treat pandemics

4. Suppress scientific discussions and debates.

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Another learned article.

"Time to reflect and try to see the forest for the trees in the global Covid-19 saga we find ourselves in." YES!

We need to think strategically. And stop reacting to their every scam.

There is definite a co-ordinated agenda to inject people with the mRNA, thereby to alter their DNAs and controlling them somehow. Once they digitise money, passport, basically they have the tools to implement what was forewarn in The Revelation. In fact, they are trialing that now in some countries.

Omicon, like Delta, was man-made. Why? To prolong the conditions for lockdown, vax, etc Notice how quick the corrupt CDC used omicon as a patsy to impose more measures.

As long as a critical mass continues to support and or comply, they will continue.

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This article sounds crazy on first sight and yet, I actually love it and it does raise important questions. Thanks for posting it. I know that Steve Kirsch "has the vials", do you know if he somehow analyzed them yet?

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Thanks for mentioning my article!

You say: Prior to the untested novel mRNA and lipid nanoparticle “vaccine” technology being unleashed on the human race, same mRNA “vaccine” technology tested on animals had fatal results for these animals every single time.

I heard this before and I always mention history of mRNA technology as the first line in talking to vaccine-uncertain friends.

But I would like to ask you if you have any links to this information that I can look at? Thanks

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Andreas, I enjoyed your article "End-Game Behind Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines?" #3 The "Concerted push to “vaccinate” every human on the globe..." is all one of common sense needs to hear to know the game that being played is wrong, nefarious, or evil. That is just crazy talk. Why would anyone want to run around with a common fuzzy set genetic tag or maybe orthogonal hypervector genetic tag. It could be used for tracking or individualized assassination if one has a nefarious mind.

You might enjoy the podcast linked below on The Last American Vagabond. It just opened my eyes to one more aspect of the "plan." It took me months to accept that a plan was being run even though the data were clear from about Feb 24th on (referring to Michael Levitt's podcast about the Diamond Princess "hotzone").


I don't think the $10/mo premium fee is needed to access this content.

You might enjoy the TLAV podcast. He lists the source articles on his blog. The paper mill on C19 are like drinking from a firehose, so podcasters help identify important papers.

I learned that remdesivir's destruction of the kidneys leads to fluid in the lungs. I did not know about the kidney failure to lung fluid aspect. Unfortunately, I've seen kidney failure up too close and now I recognize the lung involvement from memory of those last days and moments. (I don't have medical training.)

The kidney->lung involvement ties "the plan" together in my mind. Now I'm not sure if the thing I was writing on the biomarker transition to lung involvement in C19 is correct. The sepsis biomarker literature is a complete mess, in any event.

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I think the Seneff and Nigh paper is the best one describing the unintended biological impacts of the mRNA vaccines on humanity: https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/23/51 It's far worse than you describe.

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"The latter seems to be much more plausible: they couldn’t resist but reveal their ultimate motive - to play the role of the Devil in what this patent is meant to yield. "

The US Dems introduced a bill number 6664 in 2020.

It is called SIGNALING. They signaled their intentions; we did nothing to oppose them; so they deemed we have acquiesced. See the 2012 Olympic ceremonies. They even predicted that Boris would be hospitalised. Boris was not PM around 2012.

omicron has two anagrams: one is moronic; the other is a medical term.

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