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When they believe they have no soul,

it is with great and pleasurable ease

to feast upon your flesh still whole

with a smile like a grimacing disease.

Onward they march more cruelly bold!

How many more to get fatally sick?

In fine print hidden truth be told

of their final needle prick.

Scorched earth omelettes be damned!

Millions more eggs must be broken

at the altar of a world too crammed

with those about to be woken...

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Very good Andreas. I am glad you can supply so many details of what is going on. I just wrote a piece that simplifies for me the totality of our covid troubles. Here it is for what it is worth.

We can look at what we know (or don’t know) about the so-called pandemic and make some judgments about what has happened and from that I will suggest some deductions about the totality of covid.

(1) The virus was likely made in a lab and intentionally or by mistake was let out and people started contracting it.

(2) The virus was never a terrible killer. Most of us didn’t know how bad it was initially, but if we had used good data collection with transparent reporting we would have known how bad it was quite quickly and made prudent decisions on its treatment.

(3) We could have protected as well as we could those who were vulnerable. Not by isolating them unnecessarily, they could have made an educated choice about whether they wanted to see people or not. Everybody else would have contracted the virus (or not) and had varying levels of symptoms but almost all of them would survive and be immune now.

(4) There are pockets of places where common inexpensive drugs were used to lesson the effects of the virus. If they were allowed to be used everywhere many reactions and deaths would have been averted, as well as putting less people in the hospitals.

(5) Vaccines were created in a timeline that was too fast for proper testing. Little information was given about the vaccines. The Pharma companies selling them are making a tremendous amount of money and they have no liability for harm coming from the vaccines. The vaccines proved not to work as a vaccine should. There are many more adverse affects from the covid vaccine than from any other vaccine ever.

(6) There was never informed consent to take this vaccine, as no one yet knows the total effect of the vaccine.

(7) There was a lot of fear projected to the masses by the political, medical, and media organizations but the actual overburdening of hospitals was much smaller than predicted and in some places there was no overburdening.

(8) The rest of it, the masking, the physical distancing and the vaccine mandates were a byproduct of the frenzy and not the virus itself. They were almost all totally unnecessary. Possibly some masking and physical distancing could have been practiced if it proved to be warranted. There is no way to know, as our medical superiors did not test these if a proper scientific way.

These are the simple bare bones facts we know. Now we can make a deduction based on this evidence.

Seeing all the missteps and inanities in the treatment and protocols of the virus and the non-science, misdirection and obfuscation in the use of the vaccine we could surmise that everyone involved, the drug manufacturers, the medical experts assigned by the government, and the politicians are all incredibly stupid.

Or, we deduct that the people responsible are very smart and the virus and vaccines are doing exactly what they are designed to do. I will call these people the cabal.

For this plan to work the cabal knew that the virus couldn’t be an indiscriminate killer as then the cabal might be in danger of contracting it themselves. The virus was the reason for the use of the vaccine. The makeup of the vaccine is furthering the goals of the cabal.

So what is the overall plan of the cabal? As they are extremely secretive we can only take some guesses. From my reading I have seen some intelligent theories emerge. These are;

(a) the vaccines will kill of a lot of people,

(b) receivers are embedded in the vaccine so the populace can be tracked easily,

(c) usher in a vaccine passport that can be later manipulated into any form the cabal would like,

(d) and decimate the financial stability of the world so that the cabal can more easily manipulate the populace.


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Nice work! A good reference list to share!

Especially appreciate the lead to Dr. James Hill, and to learn Dr. David Martin's answer to "Why Does Trump Push the Jab".

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Great post. It seems there are 2 narratives: one proposed motive for the COVID hoax is a long-standing depopulation plan (by 2030); the 2nd narrative is the current economy is collapsing so they're trying to ensure they retain their wealth and power. Perhaps both narratives are true- there may be competing factions among the oligarchs.

Here's a fascinating summary of La Quinta Columna's research into Graphene Oxide. Is it possible the spike protein is fake and GO is the real cause of COVID and vaccine adverse effects? I'm open to this idea because the magnetic arms after vaccination seems to be real in some people.


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About ten years ago the big push to get rid of cash hit

Ain't that the shit?

Conveniently now the Covidope got folks thinking cash is dirty

Actually that is probably a good thing spread those viruses

Viruganda bad thing

Cash money good thing

Filthy greed bad

Murder is also illegal, funny that

Had we forget?

Lest we proceed to child sacrifice...

Ah, too late

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People will have nothing and be happy.

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"Going for Jugular Take 2 - All Bats in Row"


"Going for Jugular Take 2 - All Coronaviruses in Row"


"Going for Jugular Take 2 - All Scams in Row"


"Going for Jugular Take 2 - All Vaxes in Row"

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If with the first part on Marx, Kant and Putin you're trying to explain why Russia is going along with these plans it's not necessary and it's not substantive. Russia has been owned by Wall Street since the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, prior to this the Soviet Union was an existential threat to the cabal.

You should have started this article with an essay on Malthusianism, because that's what all of this is. Marx and Engels for their part vehemently opposed Malthus, he was probably the intellectual they hated the most.

Otherwise, very good article.

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It’s hard to argue with labor redundancy. With big tech human labor is risky and replaceable with machines. So there is this idea of provide welfare in a basic income , so people don’t need to work for survival basics . But then they can just have more time to reproduce and continue to be a social cost, and keeping them healthy enough to limit the pressure on the hospitals . So it becomes necessary to have population control. The people can also become violent and turn on those in power .

All things point to the necessity of population control by those in ultimate power . Direct access to the metabolism through substance injection is the perfect mechanism to control the population . Under the power of social betterment is the best approach and “vaccine good” is way.

It’s likely better at this time to just be injecting large portions of the population that are not at risk with saline , and managing the outcomes with the vulnerable to demonstrate effectively and ensure policy. Because the policy and further branding of the “vaccine good” social Justice narrative . The event needs to be significant enough to have historical precedence . With mandatory injections bi annually instituted in key zones population control can be executed and ensure a future of power and advancement of a few .

The question is of the wild . What necessity is there to ensure a wild zone ? Where populations are free to exist without interruption. But they must also be limited in technology and power. Seems very Brave New World.

It’s been confounding for some years now and it’s been quite hard to navigate as a commoner .

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It's beyond that. Look at Dr David Martin's presentation on https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/dr-david-martin-who-they-are-the-names-and-faces-of-the-people-who-are-killing-humanity

There's a few names left out.

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Wonderful stuff, AO. Echos my every suspicion and conclusion over the last two years.

With regard to "Putting The Proles Back to Sleep" and "The Next Step for The WEF," what, pray tell, of events ongoing in (the) Ukraine? Is this a blow against The West actually a blow against The Cabal?

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