I got the flyer from of the lists I'm on

Freedom rally

Freedom of speech, religion, movement, health, self determination, freedom of assembly it says on flyer

That's all I know

Freedomrallyusa.com I think if I got all that correct

I really don't know what organization is calling it

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They also list it in telegram it says which I don't deal with

I am already spent too much time appsterbating...errr as it were...as I call staring at my phone

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The Pergola is an historic landmark at 599 el embarcadero where I am told there is an Freedom rally

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Lake Merritt

Oakland CA

1 o clock

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Jan 12, 2022·edited Jan 12, 2022Author

Can you elaborate a bit, Grasshopper? Nothing here: https://www.eventbrite.com/d/ca--oakland/events/

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