This is just that much more "evidence" that the unvaxed must be hunted down in their bunkers, in their lairs, in their homes, in their cars, in their bass boats, in their hotel rooms, in their tree stands, well, maybe the tree stand isn't such a good idea, but you get the picture, as long as a single unvaxed person lives free of the "clot shot" there will be no escape from the deadly variants killing countless numbers a people protected with mRNA vaccines (they are not).

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Excellent article! Thanks for revealing this important information.

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I've been making a few calls this week... to random pharmacies using a blocked number...

The calls go like this .... can I speak to the head pharmacist... my wife brought my 7 yr old son (I don't have any children... actually) there last week against my wishes to have the covid vaccine... he is now in the hospital with myocarditis... this is permanent heart damage and his life is ruined - there is a significant chance that he will need a heart transplant at some point.

My wife has informed me that she asked about side effects and your staff told her 'sore arm'... nothing was mentioned of possible heart damage... and over the last few days I have done research and there are large numbers of young men suffering heart damage post vax.

Why did you not tell her? One of the responded with 'I suppose because we don't want to scare them off of taking the vaccine'

This was a trigger for me to unhinge (on the verge of screaming)... you didn't want to scare her???? What is wrong with you? If she had known this she's have not authorized this - she already knew I was against this so she'd have walked out. Are you mentally retarded? Are you sick in your mind? You didn't want to scare her????? And now look what YOU have done. You are destroying lives with your poisonous injections (quick reference to the fact that 0 healthy under 18's have died from Covid in the US according to Johns Hopkins)...

They make a feeble protest -- but faced with the murderous rage of a 'parent' they mostly say very little...

I conclude by accusing them of murder and hurling profanities at them before violating them completely by hanging up.

I refined my approach and instead of profanity laced vitriol .. I began to inform them that I and other like minded people would be visiting their pharmacy and asking for the possible side effects before getting injected --- and secretly recording them.. then we'd be parking the recordings with a lawyer... and if we later found that someone was injured or killed by them ... and was not given proper advice on side effects... we'd have all these recordings to support their failure to provide informed consent.

That gets their attention -- although I am not sure it will force them to do the right thing going forward. Even if they warn of the side effects I am not so sure it will put the CovIDIOTS off taking the shot - or giving it to their kids... but this is better than marching around the block shouting Freedom!

If anyone who actually does want to follow this lead ... I suggest forming groups ... and getting multiple recordings -- find a lawyer who is on side (they may do this pro bono) and have them draft a warning letter detailing that they have the recordings and what happens if a vax injured person was not given a proper caution...

I have no idea if this would hold up in court however I suspect this would frighten the pharmacists.. nobody likes the threat of legal action .. so they just might decide it is better to provide more information on possible side effects from the jab...

People should be doing this with the nurses at clinics administering these jabs as well.

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all these deaths and theres still no room to park in my road, vax harder numpties!

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Be dumber, Portugal

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That’s a shame. I love Portugal.

More room for me in the future, I guess.

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Jun 26, 2022·edited Jun 26, 2022

I just saw a chart of German births in Q1 2022 vs several prior years. Way down! I’m interested in seeing same data for Israel, and what they have done to the world’s sparse Jewish population. Chart may be at jikkyleaks

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Here we go again: COrona Virus Infectious Disease (model 1984) in the Northern hemisphere at the height of summer. Just as it always happened, year after year, which is why only laymen who know little about virology and/or epidemiology are surprised. Experts, though, see it as normal and par for the course. There have always been two seasons for coronavirues to flourish, like winter and summer, with many dead, all of them unjabbed. Now let us pull the other one.

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Jun 24, 2022·edited Jun 24, 2022

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I know. It's a freaking juggernaut of stupidity. Unfortunately with lag time (thanks censorship), it is going to take at least another full season before the bodies get too high to cover or fudge explanation away. Winter 23/24 and Summer 24/25. Thats my personal estimate. Depending on your country.

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Clearly, the only solution will be to vaxx the population weekly. /s

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They should be fine with another booster, though!

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