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This is a very interesting article. One thing I learned during this so called "pandemic" is NOT to dismiss all outlandish theories just for being outlandish. Some of them turned out to be correct.

But at the same time, any outlandish theory needs to have an extra amount of confirmation.

One thing that struct me as a falsifiable statement is "MAC addresses in vaccinated people". This seems like something that we all can test with a cell phone and a wifi app or something. Is your article talking about wifi mac addresses?

If so, I thought that you can only see mac addresses after a device joins a specific network, meaning that without a network, you cannot observe mac addresses. (I was a computer guy in the past).

I would like to clarify this mac address thing and see if we can form a testable, falsifiable hypothesis that you can test with a couple of mRNA vaxxed friends in the privacy of your own home, and then if you can confirm them, record a video.

It is interesting and I am slightly overloaded with too many new concepts. But at the same time, yes graphene is paramagnetic, for example.

My understanding of physics makes me question how GQDs can really help and transmit electrical neural impulses to outside of the brain, but I am also willing to suspend my disbelief and listen.

Human robots, is something that I would prefer myself and my loved ones not to become.

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IoNT ~ BioNTech 😳

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The interactive Ookla 5G Map tracks 5G rollouts in cities across the globe. Updated weekly from verified public sources and Ookla data, you can follow operators' newest 5G networks on @Ookla5GMap.


5G Deployments 89251

5G Operators 187


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What is missing here is the concept of IoB(odies), which all this is leading to. I wish someone did a deep dive on Charles Lieber (perhaps Whitney Webb - she is meticulous). Worth mentioning that the whole diabolical structure depends on the functionality of 5G network, which at the same time, is its greatest vulnerability. I do not know why I am suddenly reminded of Luddism. It is exceedingly hard to make people understand the danger of the Mark of the Beast, and that it is real. The problem is that due to godlessness, they are incapable of understanding the meaning and import of eternal damnation. True faith is required to grasp it, and it seems to have become a rare commodity.

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THIS is the SICKEST thing I have ever heard. I do not doubt it is true. I cannot imagine what I would be feeling if I had that shit in my body. I wonder how it will affect the many who only have the first 2 jabs and no more, ie my family. What if they can just burn people up from the inside?

Seems plausible. How can this end well? I would think you cannot get the oxide out of your body, once injected. Can it be somehow neutralized? What if you wore a tin foil suit so to speak?

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It doesn’t work with iPhones. I grabbed my mom’s Samsung and sure enough there were 3 MAC addresses with no name. There are 4 vaxxed in this house but one was off in his room. I will have to check again tomorrow when he’s wandering around the house.

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It will take me some hours to get through all the posts, but i want to see whats said... I feel its a fine time to let go of having any phone whatsoever. I will repeat this to myself, to get used to the idea. No phone. Email only. No phone. Email only....its not adding to my quality of life.

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CLINAM (EU Foundation for Clinical Medicine) have old videos on YouTube. Some interesting stuff on Graphene Oxide. Search CLINAM graphene.

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This article has some videos about MAC addresses in vaccinated individuals:


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Thank you, Andreas. While I've known about graphene and graphene oxide, this is the first time seeing/reading about hydroxide 'razors'. No wonder Noack was murdered. We truly are at war here, there's no question. Considering the amount of doctors 'suddenly dying' and given the criminal track record of Big Pharma and the amount of global power and finance at stake, I would say these are executions.

This is and never has been about our health. But most of us know that already here in our echo chamber. It's the folks that have succumbed that need to hear it, to understand it. From what we've seen, unless they or a loved one or child has a tragic vax injury or death, they stay within the official narrative construct. And even then, there are parents who can't put 2 and 2 together.

There are so many moving parts to this operation, and I think we know many if not most of them and their motives and gang leaders by now, but still, the question remains how many of us are going to actually do something about it, rather than just publish our findings?

Fuellmich and Kirsch and Yeadon are taking more concrete action. We just need more of 'our' experts and scientists and lawyers to stand up together and have a multi-pronged legal attack on these psychopathic criminal murderers. The law is what's going to take them down, imo.

Otherwise, they're just gnashing at the teeth for a civil uprising so they can unleash the dogs of war and the guns will come out.

A deep breath is needed...

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Given the extent of cumulative physiological damage these pseudo-vaxes do they will end of with an army of sick & dying autonotoms.

And what happens if something disrupts the signal?

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All so extremely exciting to know we are in the present prophetic book of revelations. But with a profound empathy for whomever is missing that proverbial train!

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I cannot remember the name of the Harvard Professor prosecuted for collaborating with China on this kind of technology....the Professor at first claimed it was phone technology...but turned out to be nano something or over. His trial and charges were hushed up very very quickly......

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Tried to post this second comment without success in a direct reply to comment about Solar, Wind and Battery Storage being the solution.....so I’ve had to post it here.

'Battery Fantasy' narrated by Mark Mathis from the Clear Energy Alliance published 26th August 2019


See video also on

'Battery Fantasy' on the Clear Energy Alliance website


Homepage of Clear Energy Alliance


See also

Mark P. Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, (a Think Tank) explained the battery problem extremely well in his report, 'The New Energy Economy: An Exercise in Magical Thinking'. (Published 26th March 2019)



Mark P. Mills is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a McCormick School of Engineering Faculty Fellow at Northwestern University, and author of Work in the Age of Robots, published by Encounter Books.


More by Mark P. Wills


(Published in The Wall Street Journal 6th August 2019)

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