This is wonderful! This is just what we need! Have you checked out campfire.wiki hosted by Matthew Crawford? He is trying to do something similar. Click on sitemap upper right corner to see a list of keywords. The web pages are thoroughly documented by volunteers. The problem is that his sitemap needs organization into broader categories. Because it has too much detail, it seems one can easily ignore the categories. But click on one, such as "Vaccine passports," and you will find a wealth of material. Matthew also writes on substack.


I tried to do something like that myself. My categories are:

Adverse Events

Assymptomatic Spread






Humor got to see this www.facebook.com/renegaade.mind/videos






Natural Immunity

Totalitarianism (includes the great reset)



Trial Data

Do you want my links for each category? I have hundreds

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Glad you're doing this. I believe Matthew Crawford has something similar in progress, called the Operation Uplift Team. Perhaps you can work together...

We've talked about having a Wiki over on Peak Prosperity, but it hasn't gotten off the ground. I'll be happy to direct people here.

BTW, are you sure you didn't mean "it is **easy** to miss the forest for the trees"? I for one am drowning in incoming information...

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Here are some ideas for additional topics

" Fraud and rigging in the Pfizer trials" - the Canadian covid care alliance has collated a lot of good evidence

" How bioethics were breached of bioethics and lack of informed consent"

"Conflicts of Interest"

"Lab leak hypothesis"

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Following is an excellent resource for your list of "Other Resources": https://swprs.org/2018/10/01/covid-19-intro/

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Omicron, vaccins, petit tour du monde en images.

Posted on 12 janvier 2022 by ZOLA


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Charity and Vaccines


Having established that both conscience and prudence forbid the reception of COVID-19 vaccines, Father Ambrose now explains, especially for priests, why getting vaccinated is not the “loving thing to do”.

And included is this message to Doctors....

‘Doctors too, in order to be able to advise patients truthfully, have the grave duty to undertake due diligence in regard to the true nature of the virus, any prophylactic supplements and measures, viable ethical treatments, as well as study of vaccines in general.9 Many patients are likely to follow their doctor’s advice blindly, which only increases their responsibility. Doctors will not be allowed to say, ‘I didn’t know’ or ‘I was following orders and guidelines’. The doctor’s duty is to know. If he cannot help, he must at least do no harm and refer to someone who can help. At the moment, doctors are under scrutiny and they risk their profession by going against the narrative. In the end, however, their solace will be that they truly loved their patients, and did the right thing, even if it was to their own temporal loss. Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends (Jn 15:13).’


And one of the latest good doctors to have a medical license suspended is Dr. Meryl Nass of Maine USA.



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Would be good to have a section on mask effectiveness studies.

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OMG.... look at what they are doing now!

Covid may have permanently damaged people's immunity

Covid infections are putting people at higher risk of diabetes, strokes, heart disease and other long-term illnesses - but experts warn it may be decades before the full impact is known.

Meanwhile, could Covid-19 also be blamed for the increased frequency and severity of colds and flu? Has it damaged our ability to fight off infections?


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The gates of hell are inching open... there is no way out of this rat hole https://consciousnessofsheep.co.uk/2023/04/18/stagflation-has-begun/

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This is so valuable. Mathew Crawford only has one 'T" in his name.

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Here's another "Red Pill" library that might be of interest to your readers:

> https://BeyondC19.org

FWIW, I've included a link to your knowledgebase in the "Other COVID Libraries" section of this library:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/d41cb131eabb

Thank you for compiling this great list of resources.

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Should we have a category for all research, studies, vax side effects, etc. specifically for children? And many thanks for doing all this!

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Wow that's great! Thank you

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Suits: Individual or class action, against any or all of the agencies and the EUA vaxx producers. I was harmed, permanently, by the bio weapon. I did nothing to the people who did this to me. They should compensate me for my loss, or they could also hang by the neck from a sign over the gas station where people can throw rocks at them. I don’t care which remedy is used.

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Hey Andreas, any updates on that whistleblower claiming that the mRNA vaxxes reverse transcribe into DNA?

That's really been bugging me, and easy to prove or disprove.

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Please look into this article about how someone from "BRAIN," an organization with deep ties to silicon valley, wrote legislation protecting "genetically modified" people. Chille passed this. The article suggests that this is in anticipation of vaccinated and "modified" people being brought en masse as workers/slaves. https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/02/25/a-law-to-protect-genetically-modified-humans/

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