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Karl Denniger took the "The Expose" story further by matching 2 data bases to arrive at a list of faulty batch numbers.


Seems J&J, Moderna and Pfizer have had the same problem.

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Ms Martine WONNER

France, ALDE

“I wanted to focus my remarks on the revelations made by the newspaper Le Monde in France because confidential documents stolen from the European Medicines Agency on 9 December 2020 have been sifted through by European journalists. The package includes about 20 elements of the evaluation dossier of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines. It also includes 19 e-mails exchanged between 10 November and 25 November by various agency officials. It was discovered that in November, the European Medicines Agency raised three major objections to the vaccine. Some manufacturing sites had not yet been inspected; data on commercial vaccine batches were missing, but more importantly, the available data revealed qualitative differences between commercial batches and those used in clinical trials. These issues are being addressed, but together we must all remain vigilant. This is truly a responsibility for all of us.

I would also like to recall that the negotiations at European level have been opaque. They were not made public - they were not made public until 21 January on the European Commission's website, long after the start of the vaccination. Mr Tedros ADHANOM GHEBREYESUS reminded us earlier of the need for this transparency. This is an absolute requirement, ladies and gentlemen.

All countries today welcome this accelerated vaccination strategy, but every human being on the planet must have a choice: it is a fundamental freedom. I would point out here that prevention exists in relation to COVID-19, in particular through vitamin D and zinc. I would also point out that early treatment is possible: these molecules are known, old and inexpensive. Let us not forget this, ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, when it comes to saving lives.“ 27th January 2021


Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

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I'd appreciate your framing a hypothesis: If there was a campaign to autopsy the fallen, what percent of vaccine injuries would you predict? We saw figures of up to 50% in Germany.

I'd love to see you run these plots with % vaccinated on the X-axis. It also would be interesting to see the excess deaths for these countries after the start of vaccination, as I'm very leery of "COVID deaths." Did you see how the Italians lowered their COVID death count by 97%


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“This extraordinary “web app” permits anyone with a Covid19 vaccine batch code to enter that code & learn whether you’ve been injected with a “hot lot” or something less harmful.


A team of five independent scientists / researchers (four of whom are very capable data analysts) have reviewed the data in VAERS, discovering that, while most batch numbers are associated with low numbers of adverse event reports, around 1% of batches are associated with extraordinary rates of adverse events including deaths.

We understand that the vaccine makers have legal immunity against prosecution.

That means if you’ve been injured, you can’t sue them.

But their indemnity does NOT cover breaking various federal laws relating to product consistency. It’s a very serious crime to allow “adulterated product” to be sent out. When such products cross a state line, further offences are committed.

Legal eagles are moving on this aspect & I hope the revelation that there are extraordinary degrees of variability, batch to batch, in terms of toxicity.

I hope this information & tool will be of use to some people seeking answers.

Best wishes,


Dr Mike Yeadon

Ps: please distribute this as widely as you can.”


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