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You Are No Smarter Than Your Smart Phone

Charlbi Dean's, 32, Cause of Death - Unexpected, Sudden Illness

Fewer Babies Also in Switzerland

Latest Mortality Data from Ontario as of 2022.08.06

"Sudden and Unexpected" Surge in Ontario Emergency Department Visits

Japan Boldly Jabs Away

Et tu, Switzerland?

Canada maintains vaccine requirement for NBA players in 2022-23 season

Latest Mortality Data from Ontario

Positive Again???

"Sudden and Unexpected" Hospital Staff Shortages All Over Canada

Uninformed Consent

ArriveCAN - You've Arrived!

Brandon Bro Makes My Day!

Safe and Effective Becoming More Effective: Israel and UK

Safe and Effective: Bad Joke

"Regulations Amending the Contraventions Regulations": I Stand Corrected!

Quarantine Act Charade - Final Nail in Its Coffin

Biden says he's 'feeling great' after he tests negative for COVID

Quarantine Act Charade Is Gaslighting Canadians

ArriveCan Charade - Legal Background and Testimonies

White House: President Biden tests positive for COVID, has 'very mild symptoms'

Outrageous Charade Canada vs Voice of Reason

"True North"? Or False? Oh, Canada...

Fun House Mirrors Canada

What's Up Canada?

Finally Some Common Sense from Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario's Chief Officer of Health

Vaccines Not Causing Unexplained Deaths in Alberta?

And Effective?

Exposing Mass Formation Messages - Wrap-Up

Nick Nemeroff: Gaslighted After Death

mRNA Jabs: You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet!

Exposing Mass Formation Messages - Take 2

Exposing Mass Formation Messages -Take 1

New Brunswick's MADS

Mass Formation-> Mass Psychosis-> Mass Delusion -> Mass Correction

Gavin Newsom Disappoints, Anthony Fauci Makes Up for It

Ireland: What Could Have Been...

Nick Nemeroff, 32, suddenly died in his sleep - SADS?

Mass Formation-> Mass Psychosis-> Mass Delusion -> Mass Atrocities

Portugal Can't Get Enough of Good Thing

It Is Now Official in Canada - Jabs Kill

Amber Alert: Missing Job in SF!

Long Covid Way Better Than SADS

Rumsay Hunt The Supervillain

Ontario Closely Watching Its Sewage

Blatant Lies Government of Canada Edition

Jabber's Paradise Switzerland

Revisiting Snopes Fact Check from March 2021 - Will mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Wreak ‘Havoc on The Lungs’ in 4 to 14 Months

SARS-CoV-2 S Spike To Centre Stage

Gavin Newsom Makes My Day

Fact-Checkers Kicking Themselves

What If S Spike-Targeting Jabs Never Worked, Like At All?

Collateral Insights, UK ONS Edition

$cience Fiction, UK ONS Edition

What's Up, Portugal?

Booster Blues?

Pennsylvania's Fetterman Released from Hospital after Stroke - Another Jab Victim?

Murder Investigation, Not Debate About Merits of Vaccines

NY Times Is Grooming You for Covid Reinfections Forever, Every 3-4 Months

Not Adding Up - Ontario Edition

Did You Get Your Covid-19 Booster Shot Yet?

A Gift That Keeps Giving - Ontario Edition

Correlation Does Not Prove Causation

"Vaccinated" As Rabid Dogs - Counterview

New CMAJ "Study" "Proves" Unvaccinated Are As Good As Rabid Dogs

"Success" of Ontario Mass Vaccination in Preventing Covid Deaths

Ontario 6th Wave "Plateaued"

Saviour Jabs

Testimonies of Triple-Jabbed

What Happens in Japan and in Other Locales, Boosterwise

Ontario Booster Buster

Ontario Hapless Lying Gets Better of Them

Vietnam - Why on Earth?

Germany Making Covid-19 News Splashes Lately

Lying Through Their Teeth Ontario Edition - As It Happens

How Will We Know? Under Way Already!

How Will We Know?

Welcome to and Overview for New Subscribers

Implications of BNT162b2 in Human Cells Changing Gene Expression of LINE-1

A New Kid on the Block

Takedown of "Intracellular Reverse Transcription" Study Results

Lasting Legacy of Trojan Horses

Canada-Made Plant-Based COVID-19 Vaccine - What Not to Like?

Wonders of 4th Jab in Denmark and Sweden

Law of Increasing Returns

Wonders of 4th Jab

Trudeau: End of Road Has Been Reached

Dexterity of Hands: Dr. Andrew Huff's Revelations or Controlled Leak?

Breaking News Update to HIV, SARS(-CoV-2), and All That Jazz

HIV, SARS(-CoV-2), and All That Jazz

Ushering in the Great Reset

Masks Must Go Now, or Is It Too Much to Ask?

Oh, Canada... Never Again?

What a Coincidence!

"The small fringe minority ...on their way to Ottawa ...holding unacceptable views not represent the views of Canadians" and other Trudeau lies

"Trudeau: The small fringe minority ...on their way to Ottawa ...holding unacceptable views not represent the views of Canadians"

Canadian Truckers converge on Ottawa!

Cards on the table! Face on the floor!

PKB: Covid-19 and children

PKB: Masks, measures' (in)effectiveness studies

"Plandemic" Knowledge Base Update 2022.01.12

PKB: Important news and developments

PKB: Demos, marches, actions (by country)

PKB: Covid-19 “vaccine” fraud, falsehoods, censorship, and criminality

PKB: Legal resources for citizen litigation

PKB: Informed consent, integrity of a person, Nuremberg Code, human rights

PKB: "Vaccine" safety, effectiveness, duration

PKB: Natural immunity vs “vaccinations”

PKB: Why doesn’t natural immunity count?

PKB: “Vaccine” adverse events

PKB: Unvaccinated as “enemy of the people” (by country)

PKB: “Vaccination” campaigns, mandates, measures (by country)

PKB: Early Covid-19 treatments

PKB: Court cases against “vaccination” mandates and measures

PKB: Disinformation message of the day

"Plandemic" Knowledge Base (PKB)

Fascist Canada Ups Ante

Fascist Canada Is Here

We Better Stop, Hey, What's That Sound?

Self-Assembling Nanodevices in Jabs - Is It Even Possible?

Jabs, Autonotoms, and Magnetoelectric Nanotransducers